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Bulls For Sale
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  Charolais  Angus   
10 Available (Click to view List)  22 Available (Click to view List)
All our bulls will be 2 year olds this coming Spring.
Catalogue pictures were taken  at 18-19 months of age a short time after bulls came off pasture 
All bulls will be semen tested, and fully guaranteed to breed.
We deliver almost anywhere!

The Bulls are fed a forage based ration with a limited amount of rolled grain, in a spacious pen with lots of exercise.

The forage is alfalfa round-bale-silage and grass hay in equal parts, fed free choice.

The grain is an Oats / Barley/ Corn/ Mineral - mix fed through a computerized feeding system, which dispenses a ration in 0.5 to 4 lb allotments every hour during a 24 hour period, to a maximum of 10 to 15 lbs.

Our target gain from Dec. to Apr. is 3 lbs / day, which lets the bulls grow and develop to breeding size without getting fat.